Shut the Hell Up and Do…

Almost a month ago, I sat down to a meeting with the ex head of Christian Dior/Sephora Make up Brands… I can remember shaking in my boots.  First time back in the city in a few month, death by ‘dragon’s mouth’ (nyc weather) was in full effect and I wasn’t sure if my face was melting off or not.

That said, I kept my cool… as you do sitting in a room with two French men and waxing lyrical about digital strategy, but trying to look oh so cool doing so.   Though I came in to interview for their photographer position, I left with the opportunity to serve as Creative Director for their first campaign and potential Ambassador to their brand given my ‘look.’ Prom queen’s / ALL of high school meanie heads… *sticks tongue out, crosses eyes, and makes irritating/in your face noise*  I digress.

Back to the point…I had this huge opportunity and all they wanted was a test shoot.  I was told to grab a camera and a friend and take a few shots given my current portfolio’s lack of high fashion/beauty shots.

When I got back to LA / land of the Bee Ess’ers… I made some calls, explained the situation, and, as I always do, decided to not half arse this massive opportunity.  Long story short, there were about 55 people who wanted to get involved, 100 emails/phone calls and meetings, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears that happily tuck me into bed every night.  All in all, 4 kids showed up to shoot day, including me.  For the record, in LA, that’s a huge percentage.

I’d love to winge on and call out some peeps but why bother.  In the end, we won… again, as we do.  So rather than waste 10 dollar words and witty sentences on 2 dollar people,  I’d like to say BIG UP to Make Up Artist of the year – the quiet and lovely Mia Yang of, Model / Nerd Girl of the month Mel Rose / Joshua Dearing for his extra cameras and sweet disposition and Bill Johnson for allowing us to romp about his brilliant flat even though he had 500 people arriving ‘in a few hours.’  Most of all, I’d like to thank my BFF, Isa Notermans for the introduction and for believing in me – ALWAYS.

I think of all the lessons I’ve learnt in my time in LA and  continue to do so… this project/chapter in my life taught me the following:

– When given any chance… go above and beyond…

– You can, mainly, only count on yourself…

– In regards to actions and words, don’t talk  so much… shut up and do…

Ps… Final Outcome:   I won the campaign, and we had a hell of a time doing so… check it:

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